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Announcing Mandy Thiebaud as Newest Firm Shareholder

Dallas, TX – We are proud to announce Mandy Thiebaud as the firm’s newest shareholder and the change of the firm name to Patten Thiebaud LLC.

Mandy joined the firm in October 2016 and quickly established herself as a keenly skilled accounting and financial professional, compassionate team member, and asset to the firm’s growth. Our name change recognizes her significant contributions to the firm.

Firm President, Mark Patten, comments, “It is my great pleasure to announce Mandy as a shareholder in our firm. In the several years I have worked with Mandy, she has consistently delivered exceptional client service and sought out and developed the best talent for our firm and clients. We have ambitious plans for the future and I look forward to working with Mandy and, together, continuing to enhance our practice and to deliver value to our clients.”

We are excited to further build upon our fifty years of providing the highest-quality service and to continue to cater our tax planning and preparation, accounting, and business advisory services to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

In addition to the firm name update, we have also revitalized the firm website. Please visit us at to explore the exciting changes and also find us on LinkedIn and Twitter at Patten Thiebaud.

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